2013/12/13 Andrea Veri <averi@fedoraproject.org>
2013/12/13 Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com>
Some minor nits:


Doesn't seem to be defined anywhere? Should that be in the users
directory and defined?

Theoretically that entry will be read by rsync when the connection on the relevant machine will be accepted and initiated. (each machine has a custom version of that file which is generated by puppet through each node file)

Kevin, you were actually right, rsync reads locally for the excludes files, I did modify both the patch and the script itself:

1. Added a /fedora-backup/gnome/excludes dir on ansible
2. rsync the relevant file from each GNOME host (so we have the latest and greatest version generated by puppet) to the /fedora-backup/gnome/excludes directory and make use of it.

Hopefully that'll do it. 



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