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How about a dedicated branch for staging where we can merge it into master when ready (just like puppet's)
Also, I think git flow coud be a good candidate here to work on a specific 'role' or such.
ie, you have staging branch in sync with master, you git flow config start mm_proxy_update, do your cooking, then
publish your mm_proxy_update branch, then ansible it for testing. If everything went well, you merge your branch into staging/master
depending of the purpose.

1. we do not have a stagin branch in puppet anymore. Haven't for a good long while

Well, git is saying me we still do 
 [laxathom@lockbox01 puppet]$ git branch -r
  origin/HEAD -> origin/master

But indeed, last commit is from Feb, 2012.

Anyhow, they're EOL.

2. I do not think we should do a separate branch like that, at all. I think it makes things hairier than they should be.

3. If we're going to implement staging I think it should be like how puppet is NOW - we duplicate the modules and work on them in there. I know it is not 'the git way' but I think it makes it easier to know where you stand at any given moment and to be sure you are getting the playbooks you expect.

Fair enough.
So, how should we handle the dir.
based on kevin proposal like:
'role' dir
 |-- staging
 | -- proxy
 | -- etc


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