Hey folks!

Some feedback on this weekend's HyperKitty schema upgrade.
It lasted about twice the time I measured in staging. I had provisionned for more time, but not that much, so the update went over the scheduled downtime, sorry about that.
My migration was basically 3 short SQL queries so all the work happens in the DB server. The only thing I can think of for a reason is that the prod DB is under much higher load than the staging DB (I anticipated that somewhat but not enough). I think it can be a useful info for the next people who want to estimate this sort of thing.

Anyway, it's done now and everything seems as functional as before. Can someone in the sysadmin-main or sysadmin-noc groups bring status.fp.o back to the green state?

Thanks, and an particularly huge amount of thanks to Kevin and Patrick who helped me on a Saturday morning/afternoon. I owe you a drink, and thankfully the Great Drinks Redeeming Conference is coming up in a couple weeks.