On Thu, 28 May 2020 at 14:27, Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr> wrote:
Good Morning Everyone,

I know this question has already been raised a few times, but I think we should
raise it once more: what do we see as future for loopabull?

It is currently triggered on 4 topics (3 from prod and 1 from stg) to do basically
three actions:
- Flag commit successfully built in koji, in other words it adds these flags
  to dist-git:
- Flag when the Fedora CI start testing a PR
- Flag when the Fedora CI finished testing a PR (and thus reports Pass/Fail)

Upstream released yesterday a 0.0.7 release which brings supports for
fedora-messaging (contributed by your servitor).
Looking at the code, it should be python3 compatible, but it doesn't say
specifically in the setup.py and I honestly don't remember if I've tested that
or not.
The package has been orphaned in Fedora for over 10 months and has thus been

I've had a chat with upstream yesterday and they are still interested in the
project but more as a pet project and their time is just like the rest of us,
limited for pet projects these days.
That being said the code base is really quite small and involves technologies
we're already using in other places (python-pika, celery, rabbitmq, ansible...)
so there isn't really anything new there.

One of its limitation currently is with secrets, how to pass/specify them.
This is something we could circumvent via ansible-vault or so, but it needs a
little investigation.

I basically see three ways forward with this:
- We continue with loopabull and we need to check its python3 support, how to
  deal with secrets, if we can get it to run in openshift & so on.
- We look for something else, similar. The requirements being:
  - Run a task when seeing a message in our message bus
  - Handle secrets
  - Scalable up/down
  - Runnable in openshift is a bonus
  - Preferably in a language we can debug (python++, potentially rust)
- We write something that fits our needs and requirements

There is a PR[0] in fedora-messaging to add a 'run' callback that would let you execute any command, I think that might be a nice solution and I think it would meet most of the requirements.
[0] - https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedora-messaging/pull/163

Would you know something that fits our requirements and that we could just run?
If not, do you have a preferred way between options #1 and #3?

Thanks for your thoughts,

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