Hi all,

my name is Jakub Jedelsky, on IRC and FAC as 'kubo'.

I'm working as sysadmin for ~3 years in datacenter (CZ, EU) where I prepare and maintain (mainly) CentOS servers for a lot of ways of usage - from web and proxy (apache, lighttpd, nginx), mail (postfix, dovecot) and database (pgsql, mysql, mongodb, sphinx) servers to HA clusters and virtualization (vmware, openvz). I work with bash and simple python scripts daily, sometimes prepare rpm packages (just building own repo for centos) and interesting in security. I've got RHCE (under RHEL 6).

I would like to help community with sysadmin tasks and with some (simple, in trac 'easyfix') bugs or with simple development. I would like to be a member of some of these groups [1]:

Unfortunately I'll can't attend meetings becouse of another activities at the same time (from time to time I'm free so I'll look forward to say hello there).

And I've got a first question: is anywhere a list of all infra projects? I know that FAS has different trac page as infra main trac. I would like to help with some of them but don't know where to look.

Kind regards,


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/FIGs