Myself Basil. I 'm a fan of Fedora/Centos. For me Fedora is the choice of operating system for personal use, and in my workplaces I used to deal with RHEL/Centos boxes. I started using Fedora in 2008 (Fedora 8 : werewolf). I 'm quite willing to join the infrastructure team and I can contribute 4 to 6 hours a week. I 'm interest in handling some infrastructure automation/troubleshooting tasks.
Full Name : Basil Kurian
IRC handle : basil_kurian_ (freenode)
Country : India
Skills :
    Familiar with scalable infrastructures and high traffic production environments.   
    Sound knowledge in Configuration management tools like puppet.
    Can develop tools/scripts in python/django/flask
    Hands on knowledge in Amazon and private cloud platform
Public profile :


Basil Kurian