On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Ankur Sinha  wrote:
- Add "Please do not add the [Solved] keyword to your question
summaries. If you received an answer that solved the issue, please mark
the answer as correct and reward the helper with karma." to the user
I think this is the right approach
Now, the addition of the term "solved" somewhere in the question does
help in a way: it helps improve search results, say google/bing/whatever
(This is based on my basic understanding of SEO etc, please correct me
if I'm mistaken).

Not sure that is true.  If one searches within Ask Fedora, ideally the search order should bring up questions with correct answer marked first, followed by answers order by higher karma score.  That way good answers come up first within Ask Fedora.  I don't think that changes how search engines orders the results however