Hello, Fedora!

I'm a free software hacker and IT student at RIT looking to get involved with the Fedora Infrastructure team. I will also be joining the team as a Red Hat intern this Summer, if I am accepted. This is my "introduction" email, as per http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingStarted.

My IRC Handle is oddshocks. I use this username just about everywhere.

My skills & tools include GNU/*nix (especially Fedora), Python, Bash, SASS/CSS, Vim, Git, Tmux, Irssi, Mako, Jinja, and SQLAlchemy. I have full-stack experience, from back-end logic & database to front-end web development. I am specifically interested in DevOps and Systems Administration. From the infra team, I hope to learn more about application and OS development and management. I am a fast learner and I love solving problems with free software.

As far as work, I will perhaps explore some "easyfix" bugs to start, and if I am accepted for the Red Hat internship, I will probably be working in the area of fedmsg, Open Badges, datanommer, FUSS, and similar things.

If you'd like to read more about my experience and skills, the resume I used to apply for the Red Hat internship is at https://github.com/oddshocks/resume/blob/master/resume.rst.

I should be in the IRC meeting today (which I believe starts in an hour and a half), so perhaps I will see some of you there! Have a good one. :)

-- oddshocks (David Gay)