Hi group,

Over a period of time, I have been thinking of how to get more involved in FI-Apprentice and with FI. It seems that my skills fall short even on the easy tickets. :) Maybe I am the only person who doesn't know these technologies. I have no idea of Puppet/Ansible or anything that is so much discussed around.

I had a very brief discussion with Kevin some time ago and I had this idea that perhaps we could have a few servers where in we can "learn" a few of the technologies that are bring used by Fedora and then feel more comfortable to contribute.

At that time, I brought out the topic of maybe we can rent a few servers from Digital Ocean/GoDaddy etc. Turns out they are quite heavy on my budget. :)

Is it possible for Fedora to let a few servers dedicated for training ? Moreover, is there some one like me who would like to join me learn so that the contributions to FA/FI-Apprentice group could be more satisfactory ?

Please guide and sincere apologies to any and all who think this mail fall in "junk". It is never my intention to disturb you.

Best regards,
Amitakhya Phukan