> At the moment I get notified of my own
> actions which is extra annoying.

Yeah. But if you silent the notification channel, do those notices do
any good?

I could decide to look at it when I'm waiting for something to finish, or re-enable temporarily the notifications if I'm waiting for something. Or just only subscribe to it when in this situation.
Not sure. I don't care much about these IRC notifications, but I do care about people being able to ping me on IRC and having discussions there. Separating the notifications from the discussions would be useful for me, but maybe that's just my use case.
> The use case you described still generates less messages than notifications
> :-) On top of switching to a different channel, we could maybe also limit
> them, like only notify on PR & Issue status changes (opened, closed,
> reopened)?

We should consider whats useful and only have those...

Yeah, I'm not the best person to ask because I don't really use them, I usually prefer looking at my email folders.