Hey folks!

There's a pretty big DB schema change that I'd like to do in HyperKitty, and since it involves a primary key I expect a downtime of several hours, possibly a day (more precise testing going on)

The good news it that mailman will keep running, only the web UIs will be down (HyperKitty & Postorius, the admin UI).

It's a change that I've put off for a while, but the more we wait the longer the downtime will be (because it depends on the size of the email table).

What time do you think would be the less worse for such a change? After freeze break next week? After General Availability (whenever that is) ? Another time?

I have a feeling that after freeze break is better because the folks who use the web UIs to read email may also be those who will need to communicate more after the GA, to discuss communication and reviews.

I don't mind starting the migration on a weekend of course, to impact less people.

Thanks for your input.