On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 10:36 AM, Matthew Miller  wrote:
Agreed. My points are a) it needs a big investment and will likely continue
to need it in order to keep up in usability and b) there is an opportunity
cost in chosing to put effort in any one thing. I think having community QA
is important, but in my personal judgment some of these other things are
more pressing.

Perhaps.  I don't think Fedora has invested much in terms of growing the user community.  Our investments have almost always been contributor focused and as I have highlighted before, without a user community, it is unlikely we will continue to grow as a project.   If someone wants to go the StackExchange route,  it is feasible to do a cost evaluation of the move vs implementing the features we need in Askbot.  We are not competing with StackExchange overall and don't need all of what they provide to satisfy our requirements and I think there are benefits to sticking with Askbot in terms of I18N, customization etc.