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The page is almost ready for reviews and feedback. Please have a look at following page and provide feedback.


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This mail is regarding Ticket 1084

As I already informed in Infrastructure weekly meeting that I'm proposing a slight change in page layout as mentioned below -

1 Global Presence
         < this section is about either showing fedora servers in geographical map or just listing server locations as suggested by 'abadger1999'.>
2 Network Topology
         < this section shows how our severs are interconnected or connected to the outside world. I guess this section will make more sense if we are just listing the server locations in section 1.>

3 Network Architecture
         < this section will show overall network architecture with protocol stacks >
    3.1 Front end
         < similar to present section but with more detail >
    3.2 Proxy view
         < similar to present section but with more detail >
    3.3 Application layer
         < similar to present section but with more detail >
4 Helping Out (or Help Us ?)
         < this section will target two type of contributors, one who can improve the quality of information present in page and another who can provide resources.>

This is the overall structure and type of content the page will have. Please let me know about any additions, deletions or Improvements.

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