Hi All!

My name is Zoltán Magyar. Basically I live in Hungary (but for now I'm in Ireland until 1st of March, 2012).

I'm using fedora since 4 or 5 years now, and I pretty like it so far. I guess it's time for me to take part in helping this OS to get even better.
I have some knowledge in software development in general, I'm currently learning Java, Python, have used SQL a bit. I'm mostly looking for some programming tasks, but I'm also interested in networking and cluster and HA stuff.

I work as a full-time software developer at Ericsson, mainly doing function test related stuff.

Hard to tell the time I could contribute, but I hope I can free up at least 3-4 hours a week!

I'm happy to listen to any pointers about where/how to start contributing! :-)