everything is there but app3 and app4
(mirrormanager) ill add it today or tomorrow (since im flying to the US in a few hours)


On 5/29/07, Douglas Furlong <dfurlong@dark-hill.co.uk> wrote:
On Sun, 2007-05-27 at 18:53 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Karsten Wade wrote:
> > On Sun, 2007-05-27 at 17:41 +0100, Damian Myerscough wrote:
> >
> >> Yea, it would. However mod_easvie is able to detect if users a
> >> continuously hitting refresh
> >> to consume bandwidth.
> >>
> >
> > Would it make sense to have a few tricks ready to go?  Untested or
> > unproven items to pull out in response to what happens.  Sort of like
> > what Egon Spengler might pull out in Ghostbusters ...
> >
> > I know, it could be *worse* than whatever happens, but there is a slim
> > chance we'll survive.
> >
> Unfortunately we don't have full trends from last year because a
> different team was running fedora.redhat.com during the last release
> (and f.rh.c doesn't even exist this release)  We'll get a much better
> idea of what we're facing on release day.


I'm guessing this has been done, but just in case it's not.

Do we need to make any changes to cacti for monitoring of services
before release? To make sure we do have all of the required trends for
next year.


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