I'd like to propose employment of an upstream dist-git package for deploying pkgs machines. This is the package I have in mind: https://github.com/release-engineering/dist-git. This package contains scripts and selinux policy for dist-git files.

Note however that I would like to make this package as compatible with the infra dist-git as possible and that amounts to great deal of changes (main one being usage of /srv/ to store repositories and tarballs). I have forked the original repo into https://github.com/clime/dist-git and will continue development from there.

The changes are going to be major so the main code-base could be e.g. here https://pagure.io/group/Fedora-Infra in the end.

So far I have been testing only one use-case based on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join_the_package_collection_maintainers#Import.2C_commit.2C_and_build_your_package.

I will collect all the other use-cases and ideally write a suite of regression tests based on that. I know pkgs.fedoraproject.org is somehow related to pagure but I need to additionally investigate this.

I would like to hear the tribe now.
Thank you