Hi all,

My name is Ruben Guerra (biker on Freenode) and I have been a Fedora ambassador for a year, but I am also a student, and I would like to participate on the GSoC working for the infrastructure team. I know python (and also I have knowledge of the django framework), java, C, and some PHP. I also know QT. But I can learn any other language/tool that may be needed for a project (: So like I said on the last meeting, I am looking if someone is willing to mentor, and also ideas on what does the infrastructure may need that I could work on.

Also, if time is the problem, I think instead of one mentor working a lot of time, there can be more mentors so time consuming would be less. Well, any help is appreciated (: Thanks a lot!

Rubén Guerra Marín

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:47 PM, Toshio Kuratomi <a.badger@gmail.com> wrote:
Greetings all,

At today's infrastructure meeting we talked briefly about what projects we
might be able to do for GSoC.  Unfortunately we quickkly ran into the hard
reality of not having any core team members with the time to mentor for GSoC
at the meeting.  So we're asking the list -- is there anyone here that has
the time to mentor GSoC students?  Doing so is a commitment to help refine
the project initially, to review the applications to all of Fedora to select
the best ones, to answer questions that the student has, to keep track of
the student's progress (at least enough to give them a pass fail at the
midterm and final), to help the student figure out what features they can
cut if a project goes to long or let them know if they are falling behind.

We do have some interested candidates -- so please, register your interest
in mentoring and what general area of Fedora you'd be willing to mentor for.
Then students can start working with you to come up with a good project that
can help everyone.


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Rubén Guerra Marín