Hello everyone,

I have been part of this mailing list for a while now and I don't believe I ever got around to introducing myself, so I'm going to. Please keep in mind that I am not a writer, and even if I was, talking about myself would not be my specialty.

I was first introduced to Linux over nine years ago(RHL), and have been using it as a primary OS for about three years now. I have tried 60 or so flavors and Fedora is by far one of my favorites and most fun to mess with.

My skills include Python, Bash scripting, MySQL and many of the other DB apps, HTML, as well as a bit of C++. I would classify my Python and Bash as intermediate, I am no guru or wizard, but I continuously work on it. I also have and fiddle with a couple clusters of PCs setup as servers, mostly just to gain the experience of configuring and maintaining it, although i would imagine it's vastly easier than working with a whole server farm or even just a rack.

I am in academia for CS (more specifically Network and Databases at the moment) and about to have my Associates degree. My plan is to continue on and get my Ph.D, but that's a whole other story.

My reason/motivation to be part of and involved in the Fedora community is to lend my skills and assistance wherever they may be needed and useful, possibly increase my skill set, learn more about Fedora and Linux in general(it appears almost infinite what can be done with it), just pure interest in how everything (Fedora and the community) works, and a belief in the Open Source philosophy.

If there is anything that somebody believes I could/should help with or work on or just should know then please point me in the right direction. Also, let me know if I am being too long-winded.I hangout and/or dwell on IRC as romansb.