AFAIK, suse does use .delta.rpm as can be found here

Tried to guess their naming convention, it seems something like "newVer_oldVer-release", not sure why there is a single release, and it's not even consistent. I'm trying to lookup some info on their naming convention.

On 2/3/07, Toshio Kuratomi <> wrote:
On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 19:32 +0200, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> One tiny thing I am facing is the naming convention to be used for the
> resulting drpms. This name needs to reflect both versions for which
> this delta was made. I am thinking I need to use something like:
> " name-VerNew-RelNew-VerOld-RelOld.arch.drpm"
> Not sure if this would cause any issues, I mean not using the standard
> rpm naming scheme. But then again, this is not a rpm, which is why I
> chose suffix .drpm instead of say .delta.rpm
> Let me know what you guys think
What does SuSE use when they generate delata-rpms?  (I do like drpm
better than delta.rpm).