Resurrecting an old thread as I'm catching up...

On 9/19/05, Vadim Nasardinov <> wrote:
> What is really needed is for some way to tell yum to ignore packages
> in jpackage.repo that exist already in fedora.repo.  I doubt it's
> that simple though.

(d) go wild and make the choice of repos configurable on a
    per-package basis.

My simple solution to this problem has been to add an exclude= line to my jpackage.repo file listing the names of all the Java packages that shipped with FC4:

name=JPackage (free), generic
exclude=ant, ant-antlr, ant-apache-bcel, ant-apache-log4j, ant-apache-oro, ant-apache-regexp, ant-apache-resolver, ant-commons-logging, ...

and so on. The list of packages was built by grepping for [0-9]*jpp_[0-9]*fc from the list of the packages that shipped with FC4, then stripping off the version numbers.

When I first saw the problem mentioned on this list I was surprised that the site didn't suggest something like this to prevent JPackage packages from replacing the Fedora ones.