Hi Gary,
I are using a JSP to generate the images using the JAI API in a prototype machine. During the generation of the image, there's a crash and it kills Tomcat.
I have not the version numbers at hand at this moment, but it is Java 4 under Tomcat 5, the JAI API is up-to-date.

2005/12/13, Gary Benson <gbenson@redhat.com>:
Wellington L.S. da Silva wrote:
> I'm new to the list, pretty fresh on Fedora, and this first message
> of mine is about how to configure a Fedora box with Tomcat and Java
> to serve high definition graphics. I work for the UN and I'm trying
> to setup a box for my mapping and eGis projects, but, from time to
> time, the graphics server (XServer?) just crashed leaving me bad.
> Any ideas on how to serve images (mostly png, jpeg, tiff, or gif)
> with Tomcat?

If you mean you have a directory full of files you want to make
available on the web then you'd be better off using Apache.  If you
want to generate the images on the fly then you'll have to go into
more detail.


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