Il 05/12/2013 16:29, Michal Srb ha scritto:
Hi guys,

I would like to share a quick tip on how to solve class loading conflicts when both asm3 and asm4 libraries are on class path. Upstream projects usually solve this problem by bundling shaded versions of asm3/asm4, but due to "no bundled libraries" rule this trick cannot be used in Fedora.
Our objectweb-asm3 package now provides shaded versions of all artifacts in this package (in addition to original ones). Only difference between original artifacts and our shaded artifacts is that all classes have been relocated from "org.objetweb.asm" to "org.objectweb.distroshaded.asm" package. gId:aId of these shaded artifacts is the same as gId:aId of their original counterparts, but they have classifier "distroshaded".
So if upstream of your package bundles asm3 and unbundled version causes problems somewhere, then you can simply change the "org.objectweb.asm.*" imports in .java files and add proper deps/requires on shaded asm3 artifacts (e.g.: "asm:asm-all::distroshaded:").

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my apologize, if i don't understad your suggestion
but with groovy/gradle we must use (only e.g.) groovyjarjarasm.asm.ClassWriter
for avoid conflict with asm3 and asm >= 4
maven signature has no  effects for gradle problems (at build/run time)
or you want to create a new package e.g. objectweb-asm3-shaded ?