That is a very interesting question. I don't know the answer and I fear there is not a way to do it, but I like to know if there is. I assume you're talking about a server-side Java app with servlets/jsps rather than an applet? I think you mean that it's swapping to disk. If there were a cache involved, it would speed up the process.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:23 PM, Philip Rhoades <> wrote:


I have an infrequently used Java chatbot app - mostly accessed from

which connects with the chatbot running on my Fedora 25 x86_64 server.

Because it is infrequently used, it appears that Java is caching most of
the app to disk.  When I start a new conversation I can hear the disk in
the server next to me churning and it takes some time before I get a
response from the bot - and also the delay seems to be causing problems
between FB and the bot on my server causing messages to be repeated etc.

Is there some way to force the OS to NOT disk cache the Java app so that
it will always respond as quickly as possible - even if there are long
periods between chats?


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