So what is the decision of community?
Is it good to have some /usr/share/*/bin/*.sh files?
It is not needed for tomcat package itself but some, not so systemd'ed, stuff like hadoop's httpfs may be happy to use it.

Should we package original upstream or we should create some "service tomcat $@" emulation of it?

2013/10/31 Robert Rati <>
On 10/25/2013 06:32 PM, Dridi Boukelmoune wrote:
On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 7:03 PM, Robert Rati <> wrote:
I should mention that I'd actually tested the functionality and done all the
work needed for this piece of functionality to make it into hadoop.  The

What have you tested exactly ? Have you manually added &co
somewhere on your system and tested your package ?

I've just tested the setup/deployment for my use case.  I tested with the shell scripts from the version of tomcat d/led by the hadoop build, and the Fedora tomcat rpm bits.  Once I setup the dir structure properly and setup the hadoop httpfs config, I was able to start the service through systemd and access it as expected.

missing piece is the tomcat shell scripts.  If those are packaged then I
just need to do a little work and I can include the functionality in hadoop.

How little ? Have you tried to replace in [1] ?

-exec ${HTTPFS_CATALINA_HOME}/bin/ "$@"
+exec /usr/sbin/tomcat "$@"

And maybe set a proper TOMCAT_CFG environment variable pointing to the
config for this very package.

I'd really prefer not to have to come up with some non-upstreamable implementation here.  What's the harm in packaging the shell scripts and allowing the projects to run tomcat webapps as they wish?

Where can I find a spec with your current work (and a testing
procedure) to understand better the problem ? Btw, I'm not the tomcat
maintainer, just a regular tomcat user, this is just my opinion. As I
said earlier, the file is part of the upstream all-in-one-dir
bundles. I don't think is in Fedora's tomcat package, it's
also not in Debian's [2] tomcat6 and tomcat7 packages.

Hadoop has been packaged for F20.  You can find it in koji.  To build the bits I'm talking about you'll need to build the httpfs component (currently disabled in the spec, but I think it should build/install cleanly although I haven't tested that since 2.0.5-8 or so).  You'll also need to not apply the patch that prevents tomcat from being downloaded by the maven build process.  That patch will eventually be needed if building in koji and the tomcat shell scripts get packaged.