Hi Fedora,
     I need your help.

     I Setup the Eclipse IDE & Tomcat server on Fedora 9. I am facing following problems while enabling graphical APIs on the application:
1. I have a running java application with JCharts on Windows which works fine with Eclipse & Tomcat server. But when I am  trying to deploy the same on Fedora 9. JCharts are not able to render & I am getting the following error:
    : "Gtk Warning: cannot open display".
If I disable the call to JCharts APIs, My application works fine. Can you please help me here.

2. To overcome this issue, I move to another Chart API: JFreeCharts. I added the jar in the classpath & also added its java files in the project, but whenever I am running my application from Eclipse with Tomcat, Tomcat is not able to  load this JFreeChart class files, saying :
. Please help me here.