On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 1:10 AM, Orcan Ogetbil <oget.fedora@gmail.com> wrote:
On 1 January 2017 at 22:50, Fulko Hew wrote:
> I've been looking (without much success) for some kind of tutorial
> about how to write 'widgets' for a current KDE task bar.
> [I found the old widgets for clock, weather, etc. back on old KDE
> back in Fedora 8 days MUCH better designed, more user friendly
> more featured and more useful than those supplied today. IMHO]
> So I want to re-create some of those old widgets (
> as
> plasmoids?) to
> make my life less frustrating now that I have to use newer Fedoras.
> Where does anyone suggest I find such docs?

As the wise one once said, "Read the source Luke!"

a) 'Read the source Luke' has always been a crock excuse used
by lazy sw developers that can't/won't write documentation.
(I can say that as a developer with 40 years experience
who wrote the docs that were bigger than the sw.)
b) If I could find an appropriate source, I might read it.

Having ranted that...

​I tried that approach too, without much success yet.
... like using the SRPM for the clock, or weather app.
and being able to re-create one of those with a unique/different
feature so I can tell them apart.

(I'll have to try starting that attempt again.)
It makes me really sad that the glorious days of superkaramba is over.
So many beautifully widgets gone obsolete overnight. Plasma had some
karamba support initially, but the code was not maintained (there was
a leak that I tried to solve with Aaron Seigo, but we gave up
eventually). Plasmoids never reached the quality and the quantity of
the karamba widgets </rant>

​And what's with this black and white stuff? Displays have had
colour capability for a few years now </rant>
I once started developing a plasmoid based on the tutorial on the
website but I never finished:
However, after understanding the very basics I realized that for
anything advanced I wanted to do I had to read the KDE source code.
Maybe things changed since then. Note that the link is for KDE 4. They
must have a KDE 5 version of the docs these days.

​Yes, there is. I found
​It talks about creating the infrastructure and build environment...
but it doesn't talk about the basics.