Anyone of you using qt-4.8 beta?

2011/8/6 Patrick Boutilier <>
Magnus Tuominen <> wrote:
It might be, Nvidia with kmods from rpmfusion installed here.

2011/8/6 Colin J Thomson <>
On Saturday 06 Aug 2011 11:46:41 Martin Airs wrote:

> Just wondering if this is just me or if anyone else experiences this, when
> I click on the far left button or right click on a window title bar, the
> menu which comes up, comes up in the top left corner of the screen.

On this box (F15/4.6.5) the menu appears exactly where I right click on the
title bar. So if I right click on the middle of the title bar the menu opens
there and drops down in the open window.

> No matter were the window is on the desktop it always appears at the top of
> the screen, yet when I press Alt+F3 on the keyboard is shows in the right
> place.

ALT/F3 acts the same as clicking on the far left title bar icon (Menu) and the
menu opens top left corner of the open window not the Desktop.

Video driver problems maybe?

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