* How long run of koji-gc takes
* How quickly are +- no-op tasks consumed (tagNotification)
* What is the impact of queue size to task waiting time (There is an observation that koji doesn't scale well if there are thousands of tasks in the queue)

po 8. 6. 2020 v 15:35 odesílatel Alex <alex.m.lists2@gmail.com> napsal:

On 6/5/20 10:12 PM, Ken Dreyer wrote:
> What scalability problems have you encountered with Koji in the wild?

* How long does it take to build a docker image/VM?

This goes beyond Koji, I guess, but we're seeing a slowdown of qemu
processes over time and builds start timing out until you reboot the
builder. We've been unable to track this issue down so far.

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