Hello, all

Added another maillist this time for the invitation of joining our first Koji community meeting.
Feel free to register in Koji Meeting Notes if you are interested in the Koji discussion.

Meeting Purpose: 
   -  Improve the communication with upstream(community)  

Meeting Time:  
   -  Dec 6, 2017  will set the speicifc time according to most attendees timezone
Name        Location                      Timezone    Email
yulwang     Beijing
pingou       France                       CET            pingou@fp.o
ngompa     United States             US/ET        ngompa@fp.o
dhatch        United States            US/CT        dustin.hatch@firemon.com

Proposed Agenda: 
  • Koji 1.15 and Koji 1.16 roadmap
  • Discuss changes in the last year
    • Expanded development
    • Dedicated QE resources
      • Expanded effort on test coverage and automation
  • Any more you want to discuss about Koji
  • ...
Welcome ~