Dne 30. 03. 23 v 9:36 Joe (Jun-Yan) Chen napsal(a):

I tried mock's feature and plugins "nosync", "tmpfs", "use_bootstrap_image",

but still stuck in "dnf installroot"'s "dnf makecache" process for 7 minutes everytime,

Is there any methods to not pull a brand new image every time?(reuse image every task instead)

This is weird. The root-cache should be preserved and reused. Unless you modify the config (mtime). Then Mock assume configuration changed and rebuild the root-cache.

You may as well experiment with

# config_opts['plugin_conf']['root_cache_opts']['age_check'] = True
# config_opts['plugin_conf']['root_cache_opts']['max_age_days'] = 15

# config_opts['plugin_conf']['yum_cache_opts']['max_age_days'] = 30
# config_opts['plugin_conf']['yum_cache_opts']['max_metadata_age_days'] = 30