Meeting Time:  Mar 20, 2019  10:00AM-11:-00AM in US
Ken Dreyer, Neal Gompa, Yuli Wang, Brendan Reilly, Chris O’Brien, Jana Cupova, Mike McLean, Nick Burr, Tomas Kopecek, Dennis Gregorovic, Yu Ming Zhu, Scott Miller, ahills@, Kevin Frenzi
Meeting Notes:
1.Koji update:
  • Koji 1.17 released on Mar 6 , 2019
  • Highlights:
  •   py3 support! (woot)
  • except for image building as ImageFactory doesn't have py3 support yet.  Need to figure out a plan for that
  • There is a PR available, but it needs testing
  • Critical CVE fix
  • A few API changes (mostly tech debt reduction)
  • Feedback
  • Neal deployed it shortly after release and stuff didn't explode!  It's a simple setup, but still good to hear.  No need for image building
  • Fedora is in Beta freeze now so 1.17 hasn't been deployed yet but should be deployed right afterward
  • Retrospective:
  • Neal: 1st half of dev cycle was quiet in terms of feedback but 2nd half was very responsive
  • Ken: Great to see regular releases
  • Update problems
  • 1.16 -> 1.17 upgrade was smooth 
  • Koji 1.18 planning
  • Issues priority pending review - Dennis
  • Neal: doesn't impact them currently but would like to see this and have the ability to only get email on build failures
  • Andrew: useful for people who are set as owners on thousands of packages.  mikem: +1
  • useful when using virtualenv (e.g. during development)
  • longer-term, may want to explore entry points (or some other way) of adding plugins
  • There is a meta-plugin today that does support entrypoint plugins
  • There is an RFE from neal for having macros per tag.  Not the same as this, but similar
  • Last thing that Neal needs before POC mageia 
  • Mike to do more investigation to see whther this is needed in 1.18 or wait for larger scheduling refactoring
  • Buildroot improvements

2. Community feedback / input
  • koji brainstorming discussion in mailing thread - Ken Dreyer
  • How do we lower the barrier to entry?  The Koji core dev team itself is small, but the community / user base is very large
  • Neal: need to make it easier to stand up an instance from scratch to increase adoption and awareness
  • Neal: would be great to have more public instances so that we can see all of the use out there
  • Could we have a public bug scrub?
  • Have a healthy, accurate backlog.  Regular grooming.  Have a place for people to bring attention to issues
  • Could bring in rotating set of developers from constellation of teams (osbs, bodhi, pungi, koschei, MBS, centos, etc)
  • Would need to identify this list. Ken & Neal can help with talking to people. Eg OSBS could be Luiz Carvalho or someone from his team (Martin Basti?). Pungi could be Lumbomir Sedlář. Bodhi could be Randy Barlow, koschei could be Mikolaj Izdebski, MBS could be Jan Kaluza, CentOS could be Thomas Oulevey and/or Brian Stinson.
  • Would be great to have this in the docs as well.
  • Neal / mageia
  • may need guidance on how to use svn
  • Fedora / Mageia
  • bootstrap chroot is going to be needed for EPEL builds as YUM goes away in Fedora
  • when builders are deployed with F31, EPEL 6 will break, or at least not work as expected (differences between yum dep resolution and dnf dep resolution)
  • Mageia prefers bootstrap chroot style builds too
  • Fedora
  • There are teams that want to be able to query for build dependencies (rust, koschei, ...)
  • today, srpms are mixed in.  would be helpful to have a separate repo
  • need to keep an eye on performance
  • mergerepos_c changes for modularity (no issue or pr yet, still being discussed)
  • treating modular repos as regular repos

Action Items:
    1. Ken & Neal help with talking to people from different team to identify issues list.
    2. Mike Double Check Koji1.18 planning.