On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> wrote:
On Friday, September 25, 2015 12:27:49 PM Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 12:23 PM, Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Today koji has the ability to make livecds using livecd-creator, appliance
> > images using appliance-creator and all sorts of other images using
> > imagefactory.
> >
> > For Fedora 23 we are using livecd-creator to make all the livecds,
> > appliance-
> > creator to make all the arm disk images and imagefactory to make the cloud
> > images and docker base image.  We have a releng person tasked with adding
> > support to koji for livemedia-creator[1] it is part of lorax and is
> > actively
> > developed and maintained by the anaconda team.  It has the ability to make
> > disk images and livecds.  we are planning to switch Fedora to this for
> > Fedora
> > 24.
> ​Why not for Fedora 23? If the tool is actively developed and maintained vs
> the older ones, why not switch to it now?​ Or if we can't switch now, why
> not make it possible to build the Fedora 23 release artifacts with the
> newer tools anyway?
livemedia-creator has been around for a few years, we have not used it
previously as it was not possible to run in mock and ensure that we use the
correct versions and be able to reproduce builds.  koji today can not use it
and we prefer to make the livecds in koji so we can take advantage of host
parallelisation we want to ensure we can continue to make the artifacts for
the life of the release in the event we need to make updated images for
critical security bugs.  in order to switch the kickstarts will all need some
significant tweaking. hence the desire to keep the old tools available and

​I see. That makes a lot of sense.​

> > At this point in time I want to deprecate the spin-livecd command in koji
> > in
> > addition to teh already deprecated spin-appliance command. With the plan
> > being
> > to remove support from koji for the two command once Fedora 23 is EOL,
> > which
> > will be approximately around the end of November in 2016.
> ​I would suggest that Koji deprecate the older tools far earlier than F23
> EOL. If the newer tools can make useful composes for Fedora 23, I don't see
> why you can't aggressively migrate before F25.​

We will deprecate them as we land livemedia-creator support in koji. They will
be removed from the code base at the end of next year

​Okay, good. I just don't want to see Koji growing to be more complex than it already is. :)​

> > the livemedia-creator equivalent commands should be livecd-build and
> > appliance-build to match image-build which is used to create images using
> > imagefactory. appliance-build may be better off being named disk-build
> >
> > I was wanting to make sure that everyone is okay with the plan and has not
> > objections.
> ​I suppose my only objection is that I don't think it's aggressive enough.
> Unless there's some kind of problem that prevents the usage of the new
> tools with Fedora 23 release engineering, I don't see why we can't switch
> to it.​
We can not use them today as the code i not written for koji integration and
if it showed up tomorrow it would be completely untested and may not allow us
to produce the Fedora 23 lives, in addition to the work that will be needed to
convert the kickstarts. we are doing it as aggressively as we can with the
resources that we have on hand.

​I understand.​ I didn't realize that kickstarts need to be altered to be used for the new tools. I'm guessing the new tools use DNF/hawkey as a resolver now?


Thanks for the feedback

​No problem. I'm glad you responded so well to it. :)​


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