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We come up with an UV/Ozone air sterilizer which can be working with people in a same room. That makes we can do the disinfection work and kill covid-19 for 7x24h. And 7x24h continually disinfection can ensure human can safety coexit in the room while the machine working by Ozone disinfection way.

Our INURS air sterilizer with Japanese patent and different kind of test report and certificate. Lower ozone concentration and indirect reflection of the UV light keep people safety. So we have a lot using in home, kindergarten, and public spaces.


1. Anti virus

2. Sterilization

3. Remove odor, odor and other harmful gases

4. Fresh air


1. Compact, light and functional

2. It is safe and reliable without filtration

3. Ultra quiet design, power saving and energy saving

4. Transport fresh air with negative ions

5. Ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection

6. The negative ion generator keeps the air fresh

INURS air sterilizer also can remove rare delicacy, so it is very good choice to use it pet room and toilet and recovery places.

We believe our constantly disinfecting machine will help you a lot in this hard time.

Hope to get your feedback.


dylan from INURS.

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