Dear Kube

This is Francis, marketing manager of KOMEG which produces climatic test chambers since 1990.

As an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 listed company, KOMEG has over 120 employees including 26 engineers with 12,000 sqm production base in Donguan China!

Our customers in Europe & Asia include CATL Germany, Telus Germany, Hubbell Switherland, Groupe SEB France, Magna, AVL, Jaguar UK, AMDI US., etc.

1. Do you know the climatic test chambers such as temp. humidity chamber, hot oven, thermal shock chamber, ESS chamber, HAST chamber, etc? 

2. In addition to providing equipment, we can also provide some repair services, if necessary in the future can help you deal with in a timely manner.

Your soonest reply will be highly appreciated!


Marketing manager / Overseas Sales Dept.
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