I have fedora Leonidas installed at desktop and it was quite easy intalling internet. Now, I have installed fedora 15 at a laptop and the way installing pppoe in graphical mode changed and it is not easy in sense it must be encrypted to allow saving data you had set.
I am following all steps installing pppoe, graphical mode and pppoe-setup, and fedora 15 is not able connecting internet. By the graphical mode with gnome, it connects but not reaching provider defined first.

At shell, with pppoe-setup, arised up messages:

First message sent it was: "Link is down (can't read pppoe PID file /var/run/pppoe-adsl.pid.pppoe)"

Second message sent it was:"/usr/bin/adsl-start: line 217 : 21477 Terminated      $CONNECT "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1"

Could any one explain something about that? And giving a solution or steps installing internet with fedora 15.

The computer it is a Aspire AMD V160 64bits 4 GB MEMORY . It have windows starter.  All steps to install fedora were followed and the system is there, well it seems to be.

Ermenegildo Pecorari
+55 21 83010464.