Hi Michel,

On 6/28/22 1:49 PM, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:
Dear all,

During the review of rust-pwd (needed as a new dependency for rust-nu-

it came to light that the upstream Rust crate declares the license to
be CC-PDDC: https://spdx.org/licenses/preview/CC-PDDC.html

The change itself happened after the previous patch release (1.3.0) and
is released in the latest 1.3.1:

side note, but I must say that the change seems to come out of no where and they did not include a copy of the CC-PDDC in the repo, which is also odd. I hope there is only the one author of this code!

Two questions here:
- can we treat CC-PDDC as basically Public Domain, which is approved by
Fedora per https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing:Main#Good_Licenses
- if not, can we use the Git commit history to assume that the intent
is to make this public domain?

Given we are on the eave (ish) of adopting SPDX identifiers and "Public Domain" represents a Fedora category which will later need to be manually reviewed to be updated to an SPDX id... I'd say it'd be preferable to review the CC-PDDC as to whether it should be allowed for Fedora based and then, if so, then add it to the Fedora allowed list and use the SPDX id :)

I'll give my two cents on that: given that it's a public domain dedication and also that CC0-1.0 is already allowed (which this pre-dated), I would say it meets the free/open criteria for Fedora and should be allowed for use in Fedora.

Richard - you wanna chime in?


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