Dne 24. 02. 22 v 22:52 Jilayne Lovejoy napsal(a):
One point of concern - I'm not sure that the rpminspect license data has a full compare of SPDX-Fedora identifiers. I'm not sure if David Cantrell is on this list, so copying him as he would know.

When it's complete the new license database will have the full compare, so that would be the better data to use.

When the transition is unknow - either because we are missing something or because the maintainer has typo in original string - user will get the warning in the style "you should investigate".

To expand on the category issue (e.g., Fedora's MIT, BSD, GPLvX with exceptions) we might want to explain what "you should investigate" means. That is, one would need to find and look at the actual license text in that package and compare it to licenses on the SPDX License List (there is a cool browser plug-in that makes it easy to do this) and then update the spec file license field accordingly.