Why not put the hook in the fedora-live init script?


Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 20:03 +0100, Pedro Silva wrote:
Qua, 2008-06-04 às 14:46 -0400, Jeremy Katz escreveu:
[2] Actually, implemented such that you can have persistent changes for
the "OS" as well as a persistent /home.  Then your /home sticks around
when you update the USB stick but any "OS" change disappear as with the
present bits
So, this means changes in /etc files (for example) are lost?

Right.  There's just not any good way as it stands to preserve them.  On
the plus side, there should be less and less of this needing to be done
as more and more gets controlled from the user session rather than at a
system level.  Stateless Linux here we come!

But at the same time, I am considering adding some form of hook to run a
script off of /home during the boot so that you could implement making
any changes you wanted.  Just not sure if it's overkill.


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