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I agree with you to a degree. I'm not AC fanboy. I bought Black Flag solely because it was a pirate-themed game. I was not disappointed in the story at all. I mean, I didn't give a flying fuck about the modern-day part, but the Kenway storyline was amazing and could have stood on its own without the other shit. With that said, I felt that Ubisoft's decision to release a new AC game annually is what cost Black Flag an amazing multiplayer experience. This game could have been spectacular as a multiplayer allowing players to form crews while they pillage and plunder, all the while upgrading their ships, their ports, and other things. Think GTA, but pirate-based. Instead, this game lacks a multiplayer community because Ubisoft threw in some unique, but shitty, game modes that nobody has the patience to play.


Black Flag could have made over a billion dollars if Ubisoft had focused on making it a complete and full game. Instead, they shit the games out left and right, leaving nothing to have people wanting to come back.


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