> From: Frederick Grose <fgrose@gmail.com>

> Thank you for the review!  I've updated the wiki page based on your comments,

That is much improved, but it may still leave a question in the reader's mind.  I'd change the page myself (assuming I can), but I don't want to embed false information.  I mean, I use livecd-tools a LOT, but to say I'm an expert for all of its use cases would be quite a stretch.  So, I'd propose something like this:

Critical limitation
LiveOS overlays are employed as write-once files, which always consume space—never releasing space for reuse. Should the overlay storage space, whether temporary or persistent, be totally consumed, the system will likely crash with Input/output or Bus errors.  If such a crash does occur while using temporary storage space for the overlay, a simple reboot will rectify the situation.  With persistent storage the situation is more dire and will require ... (I don't know this case at all).  In either case, achieving the reboot likely will require a hard reset since attempting a software initiated reboot will probably fail with more Input/output or Bus errors.

Thank you for improving this page!  It would be awesome to get knowledge unique to this page incorporated back into the appropriate man pages too.
John Florian