Chitlesh brought up installing Xen kernels weren't working.
Here I've attached the kadischi-nokernel.patch that fixes this also.
The patch attached here patches against the CVS as of today (03-1-2006)
and shouldn't be applied consecutively with any other nokernel patches.
(This will be submitted to b.r.c and the previous patch obsoleted)

Chitlesh, you were also talking about users not having CVS access, or it being blocked..
I have put together an SRPM and RPM for kadischi.
You can find them here: http://autopsy.thetabox.org/SRPMS and http://autopsy.thetabox.org/RPMS/i386
if you want to direct users towards those, that should be sufficient, and more reliable/productive than just a CVS tar.gz for download.
I've used Kadischi's version as sta6ted and pl4 in the release. (For patchlevel).
If you have any patches or features you want to include in here, just send them with an explanation
and I'll rebuild and re-upload the SRPM and RPM.

Please test this patch if you can. I've tested it here.
If you could also generate a patch for Anaconda and send to the Anaconda devs to get kickstart working for FC5(Final)
that would be great too. If not I'll do it, just let me know.. FC5 is on the horizon.

J. Hartline