Pollux, if you look through the kickstarts that are included, you'll find a minimal kickstart.  Do not use that as your starting point because the login is disabled.  You probably want to start with the minimal desktop.  Make sure that builds for you.  Then, make a copy in the same directory.  Remove one or two packages you're sure you don't need.  For instance, open office.  Then build another ISO.  If that works, duplicate your kickstart and repeat the process.  When you get a kickstart that doesn't work, go back to the last one that worked and try again.

The kickstart file itself is very similar to the one used for automated installs of RedHat.  If you do a google search, you should be able to find RedHat's kickstart documentation (hint, make site:redhat.com part of your google search).

The simplest way to find out what a package does is to pull up a terminal on a fedora system and have yum tell you.  If you wanted to know what anaconda is:
> yum search anaconda


Pollux Su wrote:
Hi,all friends:
    I was assigned a linux livecd task,but I am not familiar with linux. I have finished a simple fedora livecd following the basic information I got from here. Now,I have to build a minimal livecd with firefox, I think I want to write ks file by myself base on kde ks file and add a firefox package. But this iso file is very large for me. How can I do?
   Thanks for your time? Where can I find the details of package which I have to install and remove when I build a minimal firefox livecd.

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