2016-07-27 10:52 GMT+02:00 Jiri Prochazka <jprochaz@redhat.com>:
Changes v2 -> v3
Task.py: fixed raw_input message in breakpoint()
Task: add HostAPI methods: added commit message
merged multi_match related patches
rebased and reordered the commits so they are bisectable and logically ordered
​orry, forgot to add these:
removed​ config_only option and all code it used
added --breakpoints command line argument to toggle breakpoint feature

Changes v3 -> v4
Task.py: added missing params to host machine requirements dict

Jiri Prochazka (18):
  NetTestController: add multi_match argument to __init__
  NetTestController: store defined aliases in attribute
  NetTestController: add run_mode attribute
  Task: add new InterfaceAPI method init_iface
  Task: add HostAPI methods
  Task: add new ControllerAPI methods
  NetTestController: add set_machine_requirements method
  NetTestController: add prepare_test_env and init_taskapi methods
  Task: add set_machine_requirements and prepare_test_env methods
  Task: add global level TaskAPI methods used in PyRecipes
  __init__: export module level API methods
  PyRecipes: add PyRecipes support
  pyrecipes: add example recipes
  lnst-ctl: remove overriden aliases
  NetTestController: remove obsolete code
  Task: remove deprecated methods
  Task: improve breakpoint feature
  lnst-ctl: remove config_only option

 lnst-ctl                             |  37 +--
 lnst/Controller/Machine.py           |  15 +-
 lnst/Controller/NetTestController.py | 466 ++++++-----------------------------
 lnst/Controller/Task.py              | 246 +++++++++---------
 lnst/__init__.py                     |   1 +
 pyrecipes/3_vlans.py                 |  34 +++
 pyrecipes/example.py                 |  33 +++
 pyrecipes/ping_flood.py              |  48 ++++
 8 files changed, 344 insertions(+), 536 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 pyrecipes/3_vlans.py
 create mode 100644 pyrecipes/example.py
 create mode 100644 pyrecipes/ping_flood.py