Okay, non-rooming info.

Just had a good meeting with Andy, Kevin, and got Mel on the cam. We had a lot of discussion, here are the brilliant insights of our toils:

* We need to have social activities, adding OWW to Friday, and some other event Sunday (free form?)
* Would also be good to 

== What people will do ==
As requested in the earlier Mel-message. I drafted out details for a sheet that gets everyone on the same page and informs what they should do and who to get in touch with. It isn't complete but that is okay because the purpose of the pre-FAD is to fill these details in: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Etherpad_FAD#Resources

Big things missing:
* Detailed work breakdown
* How to get started hacking

Tentative thoughts:
* (Beginner task) Have new people go through GitHub and Google Code tickets, check current state, triage

== Getting People Up to Speed ==
We've been planning on an intro to OSS and techs involved in this hackathon. Kevin Mehall has graciously agreed. This will cover:
  • what's open source
  • what's Linux/Fedora
  • what's packaging
  • what's version control (here's how you use the one we're using over the weekend - which is to say, git)
    • Using SVN (as a started)
    • How to use SVN mastery to learn Git
  • what's the software development lifecycle (release cycles, the role of QA, etc)
    • What are patches and diffs and how do I use them
    • How do changes get pulled into Open Source projects
    • What is this forking business

We're also considering having Sebastian give a 7-min talk he gave a week earlier at Olin.

== HelpDesk / Point Person ==
At any time we will have a point-person for outside contact and "help, I don't know what to do" requests. Mel offered to do a training. Colin, Andy, and Kevin(?) were interested in hearing what Mel has to say.

Mel, can you send out a WhenIsGood or similar for times that make you happy. We will assume them to be in Eastern time.

And we need people to act as helpdesk. This may be a good position for technical people not versed in the exact EP technolgoies (IE me, never hacked in scala in my life)

== Pre-FAD ==
Already mentioned, but specific task creation will happen during Pre-FAD as we will our European (UK) co-hackers there to consult. If you are technical and can help outline, would love to have your help. 
prefad on Oct 2nd (  check local time )

== Logistics ==
Not any assignments on the logistics front (feel free to volunteer). I'm just going to list everything I can think of so we don't miss any task:
    * Pickup guests
    * Get admissions room keys
    * Clean admissions sheets
    * Food 
        * Choose stir-fry supplies
        * Buy stir-fry supplies
        * Choose drink/snacks
        * Buy drinks/snacks
    * Find dedicated computers for video chat / testing
    * Lug and setup dedicated computers
    * Find many power strips for the hacking
    * Flyer the entirety of Olin
    * Talk up the event to friends


== Grouping of EP components ==
Andy would love to have an EtherPad library/framework/API/app to help people make 1) other collaborative tools and 2) turn anything web-text into instant collaboration. This is idealistic, but we think there a couple of modules of Etherpad that could/should be separated:

[module 1] Core
* Comparison (operational transformation?)
* Document history (and timeslider)
* Pad identification (by URL, or other)
* Database and storage
[module 2] Web stuff
* Interface
    * Pro functionality (login, password protection)
* Chat

== Pairing ==
Andy has the great idea of pairing people off. Probably inexperienced with experienced. Will help people learn and have something to do at all times. I'm planning on doing this during / right after introductions. 


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Colin Zwiebel <colin@zonion.org> wrote:
Cool. Jon, you no longer have to share a room. Hooray!


On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa@redhat.com> wrote:
Just as a heads-up, since it turns out that Olin is an hour away from my
house, I'm not going to need the dorm room space. My wife convinced me
in the merit of sleeping in my own bed, no matter how late I drag in. :)