I'm having my own issues with NetworkManager in Fedora 22 not bringing up the wired interface after suspend/resume. The problem is recent, and I think it's a recent bug introduced by Network Manager, though it could be another package.

Both Fedora 21 and 22 are still receiving updates, so they suffer from whatever bugs have been introduced since the F22 release, whereas F21 is no longer maintained and has older packages that didn't introduce the bug(s).

I haven't looked at the bugs lately to see if anybody else is having the same issues.

On Oct 4, 2015 8:52 AM, "Fred J. Tydeman" <tydeman@tybor.com> wrote:
I have a multiboot system that includes 32-bit versions of Fedora 20, 21, 22, all with LXDE.
On Fedora 20, wifi works using automatic DHCP.
On Fedora 21 and 22, wifi fails using automatic DHCP.  But, if I manually configure the
ip, netmask, and gateway, it works.
Suggestions on what I should check and/or change?

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