I asked if it was a NASCAR thing bc if DNF means did not finish, it must have something to do with racing. I have a lot of experience in running and the leagues and road races I've ran in never used the term afaik. I have also watched the Boston Marathon in person more than once and I've never heard the term. So I thought maybe it was from auto racing, and I thought Bryan was from NC where NASCAR is quite popular so maybe it is a regional term. There was no negative connotation meant by asking if it was associated with NASCAR, I was just grasping at straws since I'd never heard of it.

Either way it really seems like racing jargon to me, not part of the general lexicon, and not really a concern. If it is a concern the correct place to bring it up is with the developers, not here. 


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On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 10:02 AM, Scott Dowdle <dowdle@montanalinux.org> wrote:
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>> It isn't a NASCAR thing and it is very commonly used for Did Not
>> Finish (DNS is commonly used for Did Not Start similarly). Do a search
>> for Boston Marathon and DNF and you'll see it all over the place.
> So friggin' what?  You'll remember that our update program is called "fedup".  Comparatively, at least this is an acronym.
> Now if dnf was renamed to fubar or snafu... then we might have a problem. :)

I don't care what it is named and it makes no difference to me one way
or another. Just confirming that for a lot of people this is in fact
the first thing they will think of because it is in fact commonly used
this way. And it isn't some NASCAR thing, whatever that was intended
to convey.

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