Hi Paul,

Having a weekly gathering sounds like a good idea, especially to get caught up on the latest events. However, 1200 UTC (8 AM EST?) is a bit of an inconvenient time for me. What day will this be happening at, and is the date flexible?


On Tue, 21 Jul 2015 at 17:01 Paul W. Frields <stickster@gmail.com> wrote:
I was talking to Mr. Managing Editor[1] about reviving the idea of a
management meeting and workflow for posts.


Ryan put this page (unlinked) together to describe the publication
workflow and roles.  There are some tools in the WordPress instance
itself to help us maintain a schedule of posts.  I think that would
work well with this workflow.  There are some other helpful pages
available too, but this one relates to some info below.

To use the workflow effectively, I think it's helpful to have a short
weekly gathering, at a reasonably suitable time, to get people
assigned to edit and schedule posts.  If we try for something between
hours of 1200 and 1400 UTC (currently, adjust for daylight time
later), would that work OK for interested folks?

* * *

I wasn't sure people were aware of the current role memberships on the
Magazine, so while I was logged in I decided to take accounting:

* Editor: dustymabe, kushal, roshi

* Author: adamw, amitshah, amsharma, ankursinha, arg, ashutoshbhakare,
  Award3535, bckurera, blacksmith, churchyard, cwickert, dwalsh,
  eischmann, emichan, gerd, giuseppep, immanetize, inode0, jkurik,
  jomoos, jstribny, kinitrupti, kiso49j, krazyabouttechnology,
  langdon, mailga, markdude, markllama, mattn, mhayden, phantomhell,
  pingou, pravins, rikkiendsley, scollier, siddhesh, sparks, tatica,
  tforsman, williamjmorenor

* Administrator: chrisroberts, cydrobolt, duffy, jreznik, jzb, mattdm,
  Mitzie, nb, pfrields, randomuser, robyduck, rsuehle, ryanlerch,

Right now the default user role is Subscriber, but promotion to Author
should be widely encouraged for anyone who wants to pitch or draft

There's a Contributor role but it doesn't seem to have much utility
beyond the Author role AFAICT.

The only difference between Editor and Administrator seems to be the
ability to twiddle the WordPress configuration, which should only
needed occasionally.  I'd recommend we move all but maybe 5-7
Administrators to the Editor role, being careful to maintain global
coverage with that group.  Any Editor can edit and publish stories so
this should have no effect on our ability to move material quickly.

[1] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2015-March/017230.html

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