2010/6/17 Andreas Jaeger <aj@novell.com>
On Monday 14 June 2010 17:12:18 nelson marques wrote:
> Hi,
>  For SWOT (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SWOT) and specially to
> comparative Analysis (
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/SWOT#Comparative_Analysis) I need
> a couple of guidelines, for which I will not decide upon, since I'm not
> the most qualified person to engage or set on stone those.
>  I've proposed on the layout the following comparative analysis:
>  - Fedora and Ubuntu
>  - Fedora and openSuSE

Please spell is openSUSE.


 I apologise for the bad spelling, used to type SuSE since late 90's. I will try not to commit the same error in the future.

>  - Fedora and Debian
>  - Fedora and Slackware
>  - Fedora and Arch Linux

Why these? Well,I could've picked many others, and there's enough 'clones' to select from... but with all of those I'm familiar and there's some nice points about them that I like... for example:

 Debian > has a very strong and dedicated user base. Many other distro's would like to see such commitment by their community. According to Linux Counter, only Debian fights ubuntu in therms of user base. If there is another place with maybe more accurate numbers, thats always information I could use :).

 Slackware > well... it's just a case that demonstrates how a community survives with limited resources. This is actually interesting to approach.

 Arch Linux > Because somehow it's gaining territory... because they seem to have limited resources and still deploy... There is a huge artistical (not so big as Ubuntu) community around ArchLinux. There is a lot a voluntary contributions into Arch Linux.

I'm missing the way you came to select these, so let me just share with you
what we did at openSUSE to give a different perspective on this.

When openSUSE looked at that, we went a bit broader (see
Microsoft with Windows, Apple with Mac OS X but also with iOS (iPad, iTablet)
are the real competition - and the markets we should try to tab into.

 I would like to comment this, but this is way out of scope of this list, and I'm probably known for generating controversy. I'll give you my in-view in private if you wish.


Regarding Linux there's also the big differentiation between paid and unpaid
Linux, so we discussed openSUSE vs. SUSE Linux Enterprise as well (in your
case that would be Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

 Those are dangerous waters. I'm staying away as much as I can from the commercial products, thats why I have not included Red Hat on comparative analysis.

 I would also like to leave a word of appreciation to Novell for some nice work that makes everyone's experience with Linux better. I do wish you all the best, specially with OpenOffice Novell Edition, which is actually a package that is required for me a lot...

 By the way, do  you really need to have on your SWOT things like:

 * Our Marketing sucks (don't recall the correct expression, but it's something like this).

 I don't believe your marketing skills suck. Too much is being done with success for it to 'suck'.

 Kindest Regards,


Nelson, you're doing a thorough and great job!
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