On 11/27/2012 09:26 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
On 11/27/2012 11:32 AM, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
"Subject: Red Hat Releases Fedora 18 Beta"

What the hell is going on here last time I checked it was Fedora's community that released Fedora.

It's time for the board to come clean with the community on what's going on here...

Okay, first off: There's nothing for the Board to "come clean" on.  There are people on the board - who I count as some of my awesome friends, mind you, with whom I have in the past done my very fair share of conspiracy theorizing - who would absolutely call that kind of thing out in an INSTANT if the Board was involved.

Here is the deal:

Red Hat PR folks have always helped with spreading the word, whether for Alpha/Beta/Final or otherwise.  In this particular case, an article *similar* to a press release was posted regarding the Beta to the Red Hat news blog (http://www.redhat.com/about/news/archive/2012/11/fedora-beta-release-for-version-18-now-available) but was not an actual press release.  I work with them directly to assist  them in writing these; in this case, I saw the headline, which reads " Fedora Beta Release for Version 18, "Spherical Cow", Now Available," as well as the body of the article, which fairly clearly states that "The Fedora Project" is doing the release, not Red Hat.

In addition to that, one of the lovely people in the PR department, Anna, contacts the list of reporters and news outlets to ensure that the news is picked up and spread, as well as arranges for yours truly to speak with any members of the press who would like an interview.  They receive a copy of the news blog posting (or press release, if that is what is going out).  In this case, it appears that the mail she sent to that press list had the subject of "Red Hat releases Fedora 18," but I wasn't aware that it was being sent out with that particular subject line.

I'm pretty sure if she actually was participating in the Fedora community she would not have made this *mistake* but why did not you your self as the FPL, Jaroslav Reznik as the FPM or anyone from the market community follow the beta announcement sop and send an announcement instead of having Red Hat disgrace the community, the community's hard work and cast shadow to all those Red Hat employees that go that extra line to make Fedora as awesome as it is with an subject line where it claims to release Fedora?

They sponsor the project that's it, no more then nike sponsor every other athlete in the world or there about Red Hat does not own us and you yourself know that the first thing you read is the subject line of an mail in your inbox.

Where was our announcement?