2009/2/17 Keiran Smith <affix@fedoraproject.org>
  I was working on a Forum Signature so I could spread the word of Fedora In forum Posts. I was working with the Fedora Logo and created a Web2.0 Style Version of the Logo. I would like to know what you guys / gals think of it. A few people I have spoken to say it looks good for a concept.


Aside from the usage guidelines several others have already mentioned...

Other logo overhauls I've seen lately (Intel, Pepsi, Xerox, off the top of my head) certainly are more of a 21st century update, if you will, but what you have is basically the same logo, same fonts, just.... stretched and pulled.   It is an interesting concept, but I'm not sure what makes this any more "web 2.0" than the existing logo, or, alternately.... I'm not sure what it is you are trying to convey about the brand/project via the logo. 

I agree, however, that it would be cool to have a standard template of sorts (if one does not already exist) for bb/forum post signatures.  Standard background, fonts, a spot for a picture/avatar/whatever, an appropriate link & tagline, etc.  I would speculate that a good deal of potential contributors / users are not so much mailing list users, but possibly more bulletin board posters, if you will, and having something that is well done that people could use as a sig certainly couldn't hurt in efforts to spread the word.

But as I said, I'm not sure what you're trying to do here that wouldn't be accomplished by using the standard logo in that situation.

My $.02, totally failed art class opinion, :)